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Scar Work

Scar work can have a profound effect. There are many techniques used in a gentle touch to manipulate the fascia. The work is rarely painful and can be used on old scars, post surgery scars, and any scar internal as well. Scar work can have a superficial change in the tissue, as well as a deeper change internally. Many scars effect mobility or allow restrictions to movement. Scar work improves circulation, functionality and improves feeling in the surrounding area. Scar work changes the permanently whatever work is done can be built on


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What is Scarwork ?

Scar  work is a very gentle treatment, that is given without lotions , oils or creams. This can be very helpful with post operative scars, as well as scars from accidents or burns. It is gently moving the tissue in different directions to bring more flexibility and mobility to the area. It can help tissue reconnect in a more even and smoother fashion. Scars tend to be tight, thick, congested areas that can pull. Scar work helps mobilize the area and allow better function to the scar and surronding area. Changes in the tissue after scar work are typically permanent and depnding on the size and age of the scar there can be drastic changes after a few sessions. It may take several sessions to get the intended result.

When can I get scar work ?

Scars must be fully healed befre they can be worked on. Eight weeks is typically when a scar has healed. Scars that still have scabs are not ready for scar work. Typically this type of work is not painful or uncomfortable. There may be tightness in areas and this is whatthe scar work is addressing. Scar work is short sessions of Five to Fifteen minutes at a time and should be done at lease five to seveen days apart. Scar work is added to a massage session typically.

What makes a scar worth treating?

Scars that have tethering…this is where the scar has attached to another area in the body. Pain, hypersensitivity and itch……massage can dramatically improve these symptoms. Tightness…… soft tissue manipulation can soften the scar and increase pliablity. Bulk/ thickness……..massage helps flatten certian thick scars, massage loosens the tissue and helps increase the circulation and mobility of the area.
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